Derek "Frost" Westbrook is a Staff Sergeant in a elite divison Delta Force. He is one of the confirmed playable characters for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He is in the missions Black Tuesday, Hunter Killer, Scorched Earth, Goalpost, Bag and Drag and Iron Lady. Throughout the campaign he accompanies Grinch, Truck, Sandman. He is a member of Metal team and is also known as Metal 0-4. Frost seems to be Sandman's closest partner.

Black TuesdayEdit

M4A1-MW3 Reloading

Frost reloading his M4.

After getting orders from Overlord Metal team gets orders to take out jammer, Metal Team recieves orders to take out a jammer that is getting U.S. aircraft destroyed right out of the sky. Their objective is to take out this jammer to win the battle for New York (it is also America's last stand). They try to drive and take out the jammer until they get about 500 meters from the jammer and then they are engaged by the russians. This is the story of when they were engaged on a mission called "Black Tuesday".

"Frost!? Frost!!!" Sandman tells Frost. The player then gets up from the crashed Humvee. "We got to move now!" Sandman tells him. Frost then gets out of the crashed Humvee. Once he is out Sandman then tosses him a mag. "The jammer is 500 meters north we'll leg from here lets go." Sandman yells to him. "Frost" and "Sandman" then regroups with his the rest of Metal Team (Grinch and Truck) then joins the fight for New York. He is then engaged by multiple hostiles including a enemy vehicle. Then they managed to get to the roof and destroy the jammer. Later they board a helicopter and shoot the enemy but the pilot lose control of the helicopter for a short period of time.

Hunter KillerEdit

After destroying the jammer, the Delta Force were sent to destroy a Russian submarine with the Seals and send its missles to hit their own battleships.