The Flip Scope is a new scope introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 which has the ability to change from a zoomed scope to a Holographic Sight. It was seen attached to the M4 Carbine in the reveal trailer. It seems to be a Holographic Sight with a foldable scope behind it. The scope can flip from the right side to the top of the weapon, magnifing the reticule of the holographic sight and making the ADS similar to the Modern Warfare ACOG. The scope however, obscures part of the view, limiting peripheral vision.

NOTE: This isn't a scope, as it has no reticule: it's a sight amplifier, with an easy side-flip function. Deploying the Flip ScopeFlipScopeinuse.pngThe Flip Scope in useFlipScopenotinuse.pngThe player putting down the Flip Scope