Survival Mode is a new special ops mode featuring waves of enemies. Enemies include normal men, attack dogs, juggernauts, and helicopters.

The first few waves feature footmen armed with shotguns as you have to kill them all with a pistol. After the next 3 rounds are completed, you unlock the ability to purchase air support, grenades and guns. Footmen are armed with shotguns or assault rifles and some have c4 strapped to their backs.

Attack dogs here are different from the ones featured in Black ops as after being attacked, you get a chance to hold them off by spamming the melee button.

Juggernauts are armed with an assault rifle or SMG and are extremely hard to kill. They do not regenrate and the easyiest way to kill them is to repeatedly shoot them in the head while running away.

Attack helicopters can easily defeat you but they also have a big weakness, going underground or in a building will protect you from helicopters.

The gun purchase table enables you to upgrade attachements on your gun or by new ones. Air support lets you purchase perks in care packages or arial support. The grenade store lets you buy armour, grenades or equipment.

This mode is enabled to play offline and online with a partner, however enemies have more health when fighting with a partner. This mode is unique to the multiplayer as it uses an offline profile to store stats. This means that you can level up while offline and have multiple profiles for one account.